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This is my first venture started with Niara Ahmed and Swaroop C. H.

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2007 04 21 0071

It has been a wonderful experience for all 3 of us. The best way to learn about MBA in a practical way :). The SEO services UK from design, manufacturing, testing, marketing, customer handling… anything that you can think about in an MBA.


Date: 21st May 2007

The whole trekware gang met up for the launch… it was a surprise for all of them. We had worked on it from January 2007.

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Trek: Mullayanagiri to Bababudangiri (Chikmaglur)

July 1st and 2nd 2006:

Trekking in monsoon is a complete difference experience. We started on friday night from Bangalore to Chikmagalur. Started our trek at 8:30AM, we were on top of Mullayanagiri by 12:00PM finished lunch and headed towards Bababudangiri. Had great experience of traveling on top of a bus ;).

Sunday morning was one of the best trekking experience. At bababudangiri we decide to go to the water falls… with wind speed of approx 80-100kms/hr, visibility of 3mts… it was a mind blowing experience.

Group: The Trekware: Me, Amit, Belmeera, Swaroop, Manohar, Vandy, Akshata, Ajay & Manjunath.


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