Road trip to Rome

Trip Statistics:

Number of days : 4 (17th to 20th November 2006)
The Machine : Alfa Romeo 159
Distance Traveled : 2700KMS
Max Speed : 220 Kmph
Route :

Onward Journey: Stuttgart -> Switzerland -> Milano -> Rome
Return Journey: Rome -> Pisa -> Milano -> Switzerland -> Stuttgart

Team : Ajay Shetty, Chidananda Nagaraj, Jaffar Mohammed Shiraj, Mahesh Nagaraja and Vikram Chadaga 🙂

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Five of us had decided to go to Rome by car. I was the only driver with a valid driver’s license. Our initial plan was to cover Naples, Rome, Pisa, may be Venice. With only 4 days in hand I think this was being too optimistic. I hadn’t driven a car since I had come to Germany and I was waiting to drive a car, should I also add the “Autobahn’s” of Germany was another factor! 😉

Day 1: 17th November 2006

We had booked a compact car from Sixt car rentals, and a compact car included something like a Mercedes A-class or a VW Golf. 5 people in this compact car would have been a little to tough. We decided to upgrade the car the next segment. To our luck we got a free upgrade to an Alfa Romeo 159, it’s a diesel car and I think it has all the features one can think about, Navigation, Parking assist, Cruise control, 6 gears, almost everything! I was surprised it didn’t come with an auto pilot 😀

Alfa Romeo

We guys were totally thrilled with the car! So “She” was my babe for the next 4 days! 😉

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Cycling at Swabian Alps

The Team: Mahesh Nagaraja, Chidananda Nagaraj, Hemanth Nirvani, Shetty Ajay, Raj Poornima & Me.

The Adventure: We had to catch the 6:18AM train from the main station to Tuttlingen. I miss the train from Feuerbach (where I stay) to the main station. Try to cycle half way in the dark at 5:50AM, I have no idea which way to go. Finally cycled till another station and luckily get a train at 6:05AM. I reach the main station at 6:15AM… these guys were waiting for me. In the last min I buy the ticket… insert the money, Chidananda says you run… I’ll get the ticket. Unfortunately he picks up only the ticket for my bicycle and he forgets to collect the ticket for me. We still didnt realize this.

Searching for Mahesh and Shetty…

Poornima, Chidananda, Hemanth, and I get into the train. Mahesh and Shetty still outside the train finishing their last puff, try to get into the train now… but its too late… the doors of the train doesnt open.

Worst part Mahesh has the ticket for the 5 of them, and I have my ticket (still dont know that I dont have my ticket, I have only the cycle ticket).

We were hoping that no one checks till we get off the train in the next station.

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