Kelheim – Germany

Place: Kelheim, Germany

Date: 2nd February 2008

Team: I had been to this place with my Manager Henry Kuenzel and his wife.

It has been more 6 months since I travelled to Germany. I was seeing all my pictures and thought I must write about Kelheim.

Kelheim is about 1-2 hours drive from Regensburg. This place has a few very interesting monuments. I had collected some historical information from the place which I thought I should put it on my website for others to read.

2008 02 09 0049

The first place we went to is called:
Liberation Hall King Ludwig I

On top of Michelsberg, high above the town you can see Kelheim’s Landmark, Liberation Hall. King Ludwig I., of Bavaria had this monumental round building erected in commemoration of the wars of liberation from Napoleon (1813-15). It was realized by the famous Munich architect Leo von Klenze within 21 years’ time (1842-63).

2008 02 09 0055

It has a 7-meter -high enterance door and the shields of goddesses of victory inside the monument are made of particular material: bronze of conquered French canons.

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Skiing and Trekking in Bavarian Forest

Date: 9th February 2008

Place: Bavarian Forest, Germany

After skiing in Michigan a couple of times, I tried skiing in the Great Arber. It was a wonderful experience. I was able to do the basic paths, but was too scared looking at the intermediate paths.

2008 02 09 0011

After a couple of rounds I started hiking in the snow. I was missing a spike shoes… I think it is a must on this snow. I had a tough time standing :D

2008 02 09 0037

2008 02 09 0072

Listening to one of my favorite song – “Creed’s – One last breath

2008 02 09 0066

Even though it is cold and dry, yet so beautiful:

2008 02 09 0058


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Night photography – Regensburg, Germany

Date: February 3rd 2008

I reached Regensburg, Germany. Couldn’t believe that my hotel was right next to the river Donau.

2008 02 03 0001

I start walking around next to the river, clicked some pictures on the way.

2008 02 03 0005

I reached a bridge where I could see the city church along with the river.

2008 02 03 0012


I couldn’t help getting the boat out of my focus as it was too close and the bridge railings was too high. But as as I was trying out more snaps, I notices that the boat was towing a car!!! This was a sight I had never seen :) so I clicked along! ;)

2008 02 03 0015

Poor guy I wonder how much he would have to pay for that! After that I got a nice view of the sky. It was dusk and the sky was deep blue!


2008 02 03 0021


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Trip to Norway

Statistics of the trip:

30th November 2006 to 3rd December 2006
Team: Balaji Venkataseshan, Prashanth Raghavendra and Vikram Chadaga 🙂
Places Visited in Norway: Oslo, Kongsberg, Myrdal, Flam
Number of Nights slept: 2 out of 5 (best use of vacation time ;))

Craziest things done:

  • Slept in the train station
  • Watched Seinfeld on my laptop in the train station
  • Partied till 3AM and watched Seinfeld in the train station till 8AM
  • Climbed snow covered mountain with sports shoe at -5deg C with a heavy bag!

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Prashanth and I write about the whole journey, Balaji adds his unique comments, so read on!

29th November 2006, 11:17 PM


Stuttgart (23:05) to Mannheim (23:43) – Train
Mannheim (23:48) to Mainz (00:31) – Train
Mainz (03:45) to Frankfurt hahn (04:55) – Bus
Frankfurt hahn (06:30) to Oslo Torp Sandefjord (8:30) – Air

Oh Boy! That was my first expression looking at the itinerary. Whole night no sleep 😀

Right now traveling in the ICE train at the speed of 250Kmph I can feel my ears pop every 5 min.

30th November 2006, 5:22 AM

We have reached the Frankfurt Hahn airport. We just had the security check-in and they threw out my deodorant, shampoo and my toothpaste and Prashanth’s deodorant. But Balaji knew all about it and was prepared to stink right from the beginning!!! Damn i miss my ab machine wich by the way its the best home ab machine.

Before this we had a wait of 3 hours in the Mainz Train station.

2006 11 30 0004

Prashanth and I watched Seinfeld Season 2 and didn’t realize how time flew. Big Balaji tried to fit himself in a small chair and tried to sleep!

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Road trip to Rome

Trip Statistics:

Number of days : 4 (17th to 20th November 2006)
The Machine : Alfa Romeo 159
Distance Traveled : 2700KMS
Max Speed : 220 Kmph
Route :

Onward Journey: Stuttgart -> Switzerland -> Milano -> Rome
Return Journey: Rome -> Pisa -> Milano -> Switzerland -> Stuttgart

Team : Ajay Shetty, Chidananda Nagaraj, Jaffar Mohammed Shiraj, Mahesh Nagaraja and Vikram Chadaga 🙂

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Five of us had decided to go to Rome by car. I was the only driver with a valid driver’s license. Our initial plan was to cover Naples, Rome, Pisa, may be Venice. With only 4 days in hand I think this was being too optimistic. I hadn’t driven a car since I had come to Germany and I was waiting to drive a car, should I also add the “Autobahn’s” of Germany was another factor! 😉

Day 1: 17th November 2006

We had booked a compact car from Sixt car rentals, and a compact car included something like a Mercedes A-class or a VW Golf. 5 people in this compact car would have been a little to tough. We decided to upgrade the car the next segment. To our luck we got a free upgrade to an Alfa Romeo 159, it’s a diesel car and I think it has all the features one can think about, Navigation, Parking assist, Cruise control, 6 gears, almost everything! I was surprised it didn’t come with an auto pilot 😀

Alfa Romeo

We guys were totally thrilled with the car! So “She” was my babe for the next 4 days! 😉

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Trip to Strasbourg, France

Information about Strasbourg:

Strasbourg is the capital and principal city of the Alsace région of northeastern France, with approximately 650,000 inhabitants in the metropolitan area in 1999. Located close to the border with Germany, it is the préfecture (capital) of the Bas-Rhin département.

The city’s Germanic name means “town (at the crossing) of roads”. Stras- is cognate to the English street from the German equivalent of the word, Straße, while -bourg from the German -burg (“fortress, town”) is cognate to the English borough.

Strasbourg is an important centre of manufacturing and engineering, as well as of road, rail and river communications.

Strasbourg is the seat of the Council of Europe, of the European Court of Human Rights and of the European Parliament, though the latter also holds sessions in Brussels.

Read more about the place here.

The journey:

Team: Dogan Vardar, Kayin Pinar Burcu and myself.

I had met Burcu in the Bosch shuttle bus. All of us being new to Germany wanted to travel different place. We decided to goto Strasbourg, France. I had heard a lot about the place from my other colleagues.

Reached Strasbourg…

Strasbourg is not too far from Stuttgart. Its about 2 hours by train from here. We decided to go on a Saturday. Unfortunately the weather was bad in Strasbourg that day. Nevertheless the place is very beautiful. We left Stuttgart at 9:11 AM and reached Strasbourg at 11:02AM.

It was very cold and also raining 🙁 But the weather didn’t bother us too much as the city is very beautiful.

We head straight to the information center, get a city map and head out!

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