Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park is situated 22 km south of Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The journey to the park takes nearly half an hour from Bangalore. This hilly place is the home for one of the richest natural, zoological reserves. The 25,000 acre (101 km²) zoological park makes this a major tourist attraction of Bangalore.

Having stayed in Bangalore for so many years I had never visited Bannerghatta National Park. In my previous attempt to this place, I ended up climbing a hill near that place.

The place reminded me of the movie Jurassic park. It was my first wild life safari! 🙂

We started off with the herbivour safari.

2008 10 24 0053

The Deers are so beautiful:

2008 10 24 0044

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“Kadalekayi Parishe” – The Groundnut Festival

This festival is unique to Bull temple, Bangalore.
Some information about the festival which I found out from the internet is:

The legend has it that the surrounding area of the temple, known as Sunkenahalli was cultivated for groundnut. A bull started grazing in the well-grown groundnut crop, at this, a farmer got furious and hit the bull with a club. Immediately the bull sat down becoming motionless and was transformed into a stone. Poor farmers were left stun and felt guilty. For their repentance they decided to build a temple for the bull, to their surprise the bull was growing in height. The worried farmer then prayed to Lord Shiva who advised them to redeem a trident buried a few feet away from the bull and place the trident on the forehead of the stone statue to stop it from growing. Farmers followed the Lord’s advice and the bull stopped growing. Still one can see the trident place on bull’s forehead.
Since then farmers offer their first crop of groundnut to the bull. The farmer’s hold a Groundnut fair known as Kadalekayi Parishe, near the temple premises every year, to show their thankfulness. It is one of the worth visiting places in Bangalore.

I studied in B.M.S. College of Engineering which is right across the Bull temple, and I had never been to this festival.

When I reached the place, I could see lots of stalls around. Huge piles of groundnuts and people selling them.

2008 11 23 0016

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Bangalore – Night Photography

We have been running around Turahalli Forest (Off Kanakapura road, Bangalore South) for a couple of weeks now, and I always wanted to do night photography at that place for obvious reasons:

2008 09 26 0006

My friend Varun and I finished work early today and decided to head out. We first wanted to capture the sunset, but by the time we reached the place it was dark. So we deiced do a small night trek and climbed the hill. The view from top is fabulus.

2008 09 26 0001

Last but not the least, I wanted to click the start streak, so I did a 5 min exposure.

2008 09 26 0010

The rock and the trees are very clear in the picture. It was pitch dark. We can see a small start streak. We had to head back so I had to stop the camera. One of these days, I want to try this again for may be 3 hours or so 🙂

Evening at Jayanagar

Jayanagar… something I always wanted to capture. The best part of jayanagar I like is that it caters to all classes of people. The rich, the middle class, and the poor. I’ve seen all kinds of fancy restaurants to simple restaurants. From Branded shops to foot path vendors. I’ve always loved this kind of place and I hope jayanagar remains this way.

Eating places…

Having studied in vijaya jr. for 2 years cool joint was my fav place. I still love the sandwiches they make. As I write this blog my mouth is already watering….

Cool joint:

Cool Joint

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