Mysore Zoo

We had recently been to the Mysore Zoo. I loved clicking pictures there. The zoo is well maintained and loved the 3KM walk around it.

Few of my fav pics:

The tiger:

The peacock: We were lucky to see the peacock spread all its feathers and dance. I loved the way it shakes its feathers.

The Zebra looked so beautiful…

The python behind the glass:

Loved the birds as well:

There were lots more animals. If you visit Mysore and have not visited the Zoo, I’d highly recommend it.

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Samsung Printer Hack – ML-1640

This morning when I was printing all of a sudden the printers low ink indicator light turns on (toner exhausted) even though there is a lot of ink left in it. When I press and hold the printer button it printed a message saying toner exhausted, service printer. The printer has printed 2100 sheets and it needs a servicing.

The printer is more than a year old so it has no warranty. This is a way to discourage refilling of cartridges. The sad part is that even if you change the cartridge it will not reset on its own. It needs to be serviced by a technician.

Anyways I read a few articles on the net and found an interesting hack. Here is what I did… inlcudes reviews on the best air compressor on the market and much more.

First of all open the back panel of the printer…

Now locate the IC 93C66. This is an EEPROM that the printer uses to store the number of sheets printed.

Now short the pin number 1 and 4. These pins are the Chip Select pin and the Data pin. So when the main micro controller tries to read the number of sheets printed it will not be able to do so.

Connect back the printer and it should work just fine after this. I enjoyed doing this hack… thought I will share it!

Is it an i-pod?

Believe it or not, in India the term “I-pod” has taken a common name for an MP3 player.

In the common market, if someone asks you “Which i-pod do you have?”.

If you say you have a nano, shuffle, touch… he would be confused! But if you say that you have an Apple, Sony or a Philips i-pod he understands!

I wonder how this happened. How did the word ‘I-pod’ takeover the name for an Mp3 Player? Is it because Apple did not spread the awareness very well in India and the buzz spread through word of mouth? I wonder if the following could have happened:

Person A: What is an i-pod?

Person B: It is something that can play music!

Now when Person A sees an MP3 player he thinks it is an i-pod! 😀

Not sure if this is a boon or a bane for Apple! Yes, the word “i-pod” is now widely used, but not sure if that is translating to sales for them.

Anyways we are keeping a short name for our product. The hardware device will be called “TECI”, short form for Track Every CoIn. So that it is easy to refer it – “Do you have a TECI?” 🙂

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Enterprising India

I recently attended the TiE Entrepreneurial Summit 2009 held in Mumbai. It was one of the best organized conference. Hats off to TiE.

For the first time I heard all the big industrialist of India speak on stage. This was a three day event and every day was better than the previous.

First day the main highlight was the talk of Ratan Tata and Narayan Murthy. I was hoping this talk would be more about their experience and how they had built such an empire, but for some reason it was not moderated that well.

The talk was more of a political twist than an Entrepreneurial journey. Nevertheless they both answered the questions asked very well.

After this I heard Capt. Gopinath speak.

He really seems like the guy who has started from scratch. It was amazing to hear his talk about how he built such a big industry and sold it. He had a vision, a vision that everyone can travel and afford to travel by flight. How he raised money when no one was giving him any money. How he started off with just one aircraft by taking a loan. A very inspiring talk.

Now Entrepreneurship has become his lifestyle. He seems to have started a new logistics company.

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Street running in Bangalore

If I walk up to anyone and say that I love street running in Bangalore, people must think I’m crazy! But the fact is that by changing your strategy you can also love running on the streets.
I asked myself how come I love running on the streets and others don’t. I figured I was doing a few things differently.

If I walk up to anyone and say that I love street running in Bangalore, people must think I’m crazy! But the fact is that by changing your strategy you can also love running on the streets.

I asked myself how come I love running on the streets and others don’t. I figured I was doing a few things differently.

  • Running in residential areas:

Avoid main road when you can. If you are running random and don’t care to do a loop  it is best to run on small roads. Here is an example of my run around Padmanabhanagar. You  can see on google maps that there is only a few spots I hit the main roads (roads shown in yellow). I run mostly in the residential areas and small roads (roads shown in white). You can go from one area to the other by doing this, once in a while you might hit a main road, but find the next cross road as soon as possible.

What I love about running in the residential areas/small roads is that there are quite a number of trees around you. And all the houses look so different. Every house in Bangalore has its own charm in the way it is built. Some are colorful, some are built big, some are small and cozy. I keep myself entertained looking at all this.

  • When you hit the main road stay to your right:

I feel this is very important to see a head on traffic than traffic behind you for two reasons, 1. You hear less honks. People in India honk so that the other person knows they are coming. 2. It is safer to see head on traffic so that you can move around looking at the vehicles.

But yes… most important thing is to find the next small road and get into it!

  • Music helps
Music has always made me stay in my own world while running. I listen to a lot of podcasts / audio books while running. This can make you run a couple of extra miles. 😉
These are the top three things that I do that makes a difference. I’m sure the other runners will have more points, do comment your experiences so that this helps other runners. Let us make street running a culture in Bangalore! 🙂

Bangalore Cyclothon 2009

Took part in the bangalore cyclothon 2009. This was one of the biggest sports event in India I have attended. Over 7000 people participated in this event.

My wife and I took part in this event. Click here to read her experience.


The event was held at the NICE road starting at the Bangalore International exhibition. Please read our Sole E95 Reviews.

It was fun to see Raghu Dixit perform at the show.

We had a lot of fun cheering…

For more info please visit:
Our cycling route: click here. I took 59min for 26.5KM. Hope to beat this next time.

Click here to see all pictures of the event.