Road Biking in Austin

When I moved to Austin, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get a road bike or a mountain bike. I always had a mountain bike which I used in most of my city rides.

What I found out was, Austin is great for both road biking and mountain biking. It has great trails like the Barton Creek Greenbelt on the mountain biking side and for road biking Austin has many dedicated bike lanes that makes it easy and fun to ride.

I finally decided to buy the best folding bike and have enjoyed ever since:

My Fuji Road bike

Here is one the routes that I like: “I call it the 360-620 route”

Best part of Austin is that you get good hill training around.

View from 360 bridge

Can bike for long distances before you hit the signal. Helps to improve average speed.

360 Route

Lake view is breathtaking. Someday I’ll get a boat / kayak and go on it! 😀

Nice view of the lake

Overall, I really enjoy road biking in Austin. More important of all the biking community and people around are very friendly!

Trip to Strasbourg, France

Information about Strasbourg:

Strasbourg is the capital and principal city of the Alsace région of northeastern France, with approximately 650,000 inhabitants in the metropolitan area in 1999. Located close to the border with Germany, it is the préfecture (capital) of the Bas-Rhin département.

The city’s Germanic name means “town (at the crossing) of roads”. Stras- is cognate to the English street from the German equivalent of the word, Straße, while -bourg from the German -burg (“fortress, town”) is cognate to the English borough.

Strasbourg is an important centre of manufacturing and engineering, as well as of road, rail and river communications.

Strasbourg is the seat of the Council of Europe, of the European Court of Human Rights and of the European Parliament, though the latter also holds sessions in Brussels.

Read more about the place here.

The journey:

Team: Dogan Vardar, Kayin Pinar Burcu and myself.

I had met Burcu in the Bosch shuttle bus. All of us being new to Germany wanted to travel different place. We decided to goto Strasbourg, France. I had heard a lot about the place from my other colleagues.

Reached Strasbourg…

Strasbourg is not too far from Stuttgart. Its about 2 hours by train from here. We decided to go on a Saturday. Unfortunately the weather was bad in Strasbourg that day. Nevertheless the place is very beautiful. We left Stuttgart at 9:11 AM and reached Strasbourg at 11:02AM.

It was very cold and also raining 🙁 But the weather didn’t bother us too much as the city is very beautiful.

We head straight to the information center, get a city map and head out!

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