Pindari Glacier – On the top

It has been a month since I’m back from the Himalayan Trek, and it already feels like for ever. Every time I look at these pictures, both Roopa and I take a deep breath thinking about the place and hoping to feel the same air.

After 6 days of strenuous trekking, we reached the top and it was worth every bit of it. Reaching the top did give me a very different high. Here are some of the pictures on the way to the place.

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Pindari Glacier – Himalayan trek – Day 1


Total distance trekked: ~100KM

Number of trekking days: 7 + 2 days travel

Temperature difference: 45 Deg C (in Delhi) to 0 Deg C near Pindari Glacier

Max Altitude: 3350mts (10990 Ft)

Spotted Wildlife: Bear, Sparrows, Cuckoo bird, Mountain deer, Chameleons etc.

We (group of 7) head out on a new adventure to the Himalayas (Pindari Glacier) Trek. Our journey began by flying from Bangalore to Delhi.

>> Posing at the Bangalore airport! Rakesh, Roopa & I. 

Pindari Trek Day1-14

>>Roopa clicked a nice shot of the Bangalore sparrow found mostly at the airport!
Pindari Trek Day1-5

Excited bunch after reaching Delhi, we took the best mode of transport – The Metro!

Pindari Trek Day1-39

Found the metro to be very clean and tidy.

Pindari Trek Day1-48

45 Deg C of Delhi was not easy to handle. We finally reached one of the busiest railway station of Delhi

Pindari Trek Day1-66


>> People standing in endless Queue to buy tickets
Pindari Trek Day1-61

We reached a place called “Kathgodam” by evening where we relaxed.

All Pics of Day 1 journey – Click here!

Skiing and Trekking in Bavarian Forest

Date: 9th February 2008

Place: Bavarian Forest, Germany

After skiing in Michigan a couple of times, I tried skiing in the Great Arber. It was a wonderful experience. I was able to do the basic paths, but was too scared looking at the intermediate paths.

2008 02 09 0011

After a couple of rounds I started hiking in the snow. I was missing a spike shoes… I think it is a must on this snow. I had a tough time standing :D

2008 02 09 0037

2008 02 09 0072

Listening to one of my favorite song – “Creed’s – One last breath

2008 02 09 0066

Even though it is cold and dry, yet so beautiful:

2008 02 09 0058


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Trip to Norway

Statistics of the trip:

30th November 2006 to 3rd December 2006
Team: Balaji Venkataseshan, Prashanth Raghavendra and Vikram Chadaga 🙂
Places Visited in Norway: Oslo, Kongsberg, Myrdal, Flam
Number of Nights slept: 2 out of 5 (best use of vacation time ;))

Craziest things done:

  • Slept in the train station
  • Watched Seinfeld on my laptop in the train station
  • Partied till 3AM and watched Seinfeld in the train station till 8AM
  • Climbed snow covered mountain with sports shoe at -5deg C with a heavy bag!

Click below to view the photos:

Prashanth and I write about the whole journey, Balaji adds his unique comments, so read on!

29th November 2006, 11:17 PM


Stuttgart (23:05) to Mannheim (23:43) – Train
Mannheim (23:48) to Mainz (00:31) – Train
Mainz (03:45) to Frankfurt hahn (04:55) – Bus
Frankfurt hahn (06:30) to Oslo Torp Sandefjord (8:30) – Air

Oh Boy! That was my first expression looking at the itinerary. Whole night no sleep 😀

Right now traveling in the ICE train at the speed of 250Kmph I can feel my ears pop every 5 min.

30th November 2006, 5:22 AM

We have reached the Frankfurt Hahn airport. We just had the security check-in and they threw out my deodorant, shampoo and my toothpaste and Prashanth’s deodorant. But Balaji knew all about it and was prepared to stink right from the beginning!!! Damn i miss my ab machine wich by the way its the best home ab machine.

Before this we had a wait of 3 hours in the Mainz Train station.

2006 11 30 0004

Prashanth and I watched Seinfeld Season 2 and didn’t realize how time flew. Big Balaji tried to fit himself in a small chair and tried to sleep!

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Trek: Mullayanagiri to Bababudangiri (Chikmaglur)

July 1st and 2nd 2006:

Trekking in monsoon is a complete difference experience. We started on friday night from Bangalore to Chikmagalur. Started our trek at 8:30AM, we were on top of Mullayanagiri by 12:00PM finished lunch and headed towards Bababudangiri. Had great experience of traveling on top of a bus ;).

Sunday morning was one of the best trekking experience. At bababudangiri we decide to go to the water falls… with wind speed of approx 80-100kms/hr, visibility of 3mts… it was a mind blowing experience.

Group: The Trekware: Me, Amit, Belmeera, Swaroop, Manohar, Vandy, Akshata, Ajay & Manjunath.


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