Skiing and Trekking in Bavarian Forest

Date: 9th February 2008

Place: Bavarian Forest, Germany

After skiing in Michigan a couple of times, I tried skiing in the Great Arber. It was a wonderful experience. I was able to do the basic paths, but was too scared looking at the intermediate paths.

2008 02 09 0011

After a couple of rounds I started hiking in the snow. I was missing a spike shoes… I think it is a must on this snow. I had a tough time standing :D

2008 02 09 0037

2008 02 09 0072

Listening to one of my favorite song – “Creed’s – One last breath

2008 02 09 0066

Even though it is cold and dry, yet so beautiful:

2008 02 09 0058


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First time Skiing!

Where: Mount Holly, Michigan.


Temperature felt like:

-2 to -8 Deg F (around -18 to -22 Deg C)

Tips for skiing in these conditions:

  1. Dress in layers
  2. Wear a Ski Mask with glasses!
  3. Most important with the ski gloves try hand warmers

Skiing or Scuba diving? ;)

Skiing outfit

I was finally able to ski after falling a lot of times… and learning some tips from the kids around. Still need to learn how to control my speed while skiing. I almost crashed into a skate board guy who was going zig zag. I ended up screaming at him “Watch out” :D

Overall… I had a great time skiing… I have a feeling it will be my new obsession! ;)

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(All photos clicked with my cell phone)