Bangalore – Night Photography

We have been running around Turahalli Forest (Off Kanakapura road, Bangalore South) for a couple of weeks now, and I always wanted to do night photography at that place for obvious reasons:

2008 09 26 0006

My friend Varun and I finished work early today and decided to head out. We first wanted to capture the sunset, but by the time we reached the place it was dark. So we deiced do a small night trek and climbed the hill. The view from top is fabulus.

2008 09 26 0001

Last but not the least, I wanted to click the start streak, so I did a 5 min exposure.

2008 09 26 0010

The rock and the trees are very clear in the picture. It was pitch dark. We can see a small start streak. We had to head back so I had to stop the camera. One of these days, I want to try this again for may be 3 hours or so 🙂

Editing Colours with Photoshop

I have always been a big fan of Adobe Photoshop. More I use the tool more I learn. In digital photography post processing an image is very important. I never used to like post processing because I used to think that post processing is cheating in photography :D. But as time goes by, I see the importance of post processing an image.

Here is an image I clicked during “Sur Taal” event. Cry is known for its yellow, and I found the yellow too dull. So I decided to do some magic using photoshop.

2008 03 09 0191

The main steps I used for this was carefully use the “Magic Wand” tool to select the yellow. This is the most painful process. Sometimes the Magic Wand doesn’t do a good job, at those times we have to use the “Regular Marquee tool” to add/remove the selection.

After we have chosen the yellow, I used the “Curves and edited the curves as required.


2008 03 09 0191 A

I’m sure a lot of people will not like the idea of post processing the colors. But my say to it is, with digital cameras making the cost per click almost free, we don’t spend too much time with adjusting the lights. Moreover when we know that we can fix the digital photo later it makes it even better to focus more the the subject than spend a lot of time on lights.

Anyways we know that there is always photoshop to save our day!

Night photography – Regensburg, Germany

Date: February 3rd 2008

I reached Regensburg, Germany. Couldn’t believe that my hotel was right next to the river Donau.

2008 02 03 0001

I start walking around next to the river, clicked some pictures on the way.

2008 02 03 0005

I reached a bridge where I could see the city church along with the river.

2008 02 03 0012


I couldn’t help getting the boat out of my focus as it was too close and the bridge railings was too high. But as as I was trying out more snaps, I notices that the boat was towing a car!!! This was a sight I had never seen :) so I clicked along! ;)

2008 02 03 0015

Poor guy I wonder how much he would have to pay for that! After that I got a nice view of the sky. It was dusk and the sky was deep blue!


2008 02 03 0021


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My new lens – Stoney Creek Metro park

I finally bought the Canon EF 17-40mm F4.0 L Lens.

I must say I’m in love with canon’s “L” lens. Saturday evening my friend Sachin and I went to the Stoney Creek Metro park.

Here are a few photos from my new lens:

This snap was just a few minutes before the sunset.

Sunset at stoney creek!

View of the lake:

MG 3554 A

View of the sky:

MG 3558 A

Just after the sunset:

MG 3568 A

More colours:

MG 3571 A

Finally on the way back clicked the view of a freeway:

MG 3597 A

Overall I’m very impressed with the new lens. This is my second L lens. I must say the Canon “L” lenses ROCK!!!

Evening at Jayanagar

Jayanagar… something I always wanted to capture. The best part of jayanagar I like is that it caters to all classes of people. The rich, the middle class, and the poor. I’ve seen all kinds of fancy restaurants to simple restaurants. From Branded shops to foot path vendors. I’ve always loved this kind of place and I hope jayanagar remains this way.

Eating places…

Having studied in vijaya jr. for 2 years cool joint was my fav place. I still love the sandwiches they make. As I write this blog my mouth is already watering….

Cool joint:

Cool Joint

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