5 Different time zones!

In the last 15 days I have been to 5 different time zones.

[google-map-v3 width=”600″ height=”350″ zoom=”15″ maptype=”ROADMAP” mapalign=”center” directionhint=”false” language=”default” addmarkermashupbubble=”false” addmarkermashupbubble=”false” addmarkerlist=”Bangalore, India{}number_1.png{}Start of trip|Paris{}number_2.png{}Layover for a few hours|Austin, Tx{}number_3.png{}Official work|Santa Clara, CA{}number_4.png{}Vacation|Austin, Tx{}number_5.png{}Back to work|Manhattan, NY{}number_6.png{}Vacation / Work|Baltimore, MD{}number_7.png{}Work|Amsterdam{}number_8.png{}Layover for a few hours|Dubai, UAE{}number_9.png{}Spending time with wife|Al Ain, UAE{}number_10.png{}Day visit.” maptypecontrol=”true” pancontrol=”true” zoomcontrol=”true” scalecontrol=”true” streetviewcontrol=”true” scrollwheelcontrol=”true” bubbleautopan=”true” showbike=”false” showtraffic=”false” showpanoramio=”false”]

My Journey started with going to Austin. I had a small presentation to do with one of the hitech companies there. It was my first time to Austin and I was amazed by the number of companies and the number of flyovers going all around. No wonder it is called the second silicon valley in the US.

By the time I could get used to the time difference of Bangalore and Austin, I hopped on to a plane to visit my sister and broter-inlaw in California. It was a red eye flight with a stop over at LA.

California always excites me for the bike lanes. So the first thing I do when I land there is to take out my bro-in-law’s bike and head out! Never ever have I seen dedicated bike lanes and also exits for bike lanes to goto work. California is truly a bike friendly city and a road bikers paradise.

The next two days we relaxed in the bay area roaming around in the car and playing a lot on Xbox kinect.

We visited the golden gate park and rented a few bikes there. It is a very nice park and I must say is a great place for runners. Not the best place for bikers, but we enjoyed going around the place. Beach was right across with wind surfers all around.


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Enterprising India

I recently attended the TiE Entrepreneurial Summit 2009 held in Mumbai. It was one of the best organized conference. Hats off to TiE.

For the first time I heard all the big industrialist of India speak on stage. This was a three day event and every day was better than the previous.

First day the main highlight was the talk of Ratan Tata and Narayan Murthy. I was hoping this talk would be more about their experience and how they had built such an empire, but for some reason it was not moderated that well.

The talk was more of a political twist than an Entrepreneurial journey. Nevertheless they both answered the questions asked very well.

After this I heard Capt. Gopinath speak.

He really seems like the guy who has started from scratch. It was amazing to hear his talk about how he built such a big industry and sold it. He had a vision, a vision that everyone can travel and afford to travel by flight. How he raised money when no one was giving him any money. How he started off with just one aircraft by taking a loan. A very inspiring talk.

Now Entrepreneurship has become his lifestyle. He seems to have started a new logistics company.

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Wedding pictures…

Finally uploaded our wedding pictures! Yessss… I’m married now!!! The whole marriage event felt like I was doing too many things in too little time. I now cant believe it has been a month since I’m married now! I’m loving every moment of this new life. Even though you loose more than 60% of your wardrobe… yes it is a lot of fun!

Click here to see the wedding site for more pictures

The Pirate Ship – Weekend project

When I first met Roopa she had got me a gift from Granite Victoria Brussels. It was a make your own ship kit. I was excited about the whole project. This was the first project together. I had seen a lot of these models when I was at Germany.
The Pirate Ship…

When I first met Roopa she had got me a gift from Brussels. It was a make your own ship kit. I was excited about the whole project. This was the first project together. I had seen a lot of these models when I was at Germany.

The Pirate Ship…

Making of the ship… We first started of finding all the different pieces and putting them together…

It has many small parts… took us quite some time to finish it.

Funny I was wearing the Alcatraz tee shirt that day… so decided to call myself The Pirate of Alcatraz!

We enjoyed building the whole ship. It is best to do these small projects over the weekends. Keeps your mind occupied and a productive outcome 🙂

View all the pics here.

Coming soon – New product – Track Every Coin

It has been almost an year since we quit our regular jobs and have been working on our new product TrackEveryCoin. The product will be out in July 2009.

This is a pre-launch site, we are letting everyone know what the product is all about and we request everyone to signup if they are interested in the product. This will help us to be better prepared when we launch.

Track every coin is a personal financial tool that will help you get organized in your financial life. If you ever thought you had no idea how much you were spending per month, what were you spending it on, or how much is your saving, then this product is for you. It also helps you do a lot more than tracking your expenditure, like goal setting, reminders, sharing, events etc.

We appreciate it if you blog about it, tweet about it, let all your friends know about it. Let people know that such a product is going to come soon to solve their financial management problem and help them.

Pre-book the product to get special offers when we launch it. 🙂

Please visit: www.trackeverycoin.com

India – How we can make a difference?

We see so many problems around us and always wonder why doesn’t the Government do anything about it! We always say the Govt is corrupt and say nothing can be done about it. I always wondered if there is anything that we can do to make a difference in India or is it only in the hands of govt.

 Here are a few things that I tried my hands. Might be worth giving it a shot!

1. Traffic and noise

When I came back from the US the first striking thing that hits you is the honking. When you sit down and think for min about honking it is very interesting. Honking has different meanings in different countries. In US it means – “Dude you are making a mistake watch out”, and in India it means – “Dude watch out I’m coming, give way”. How can we make a difference in the noise levels of traffic. The first thing that I did is – “I NEVER HONK IN BANGALORE”. When I first said this, most of them say it is not possible. I’d say it is. If you think about yourself while driving then you have to honk. If you think about others while driving and yield, you will never need to honk. I’d say take this up as a challenge and make a difference!

2. Garbage on the street

There are a few wonderful things that I learned in the west. One of them is not to litter. Most of us don’t know that we shouldn’t litter. If a small boy is given a chocolate, the first thing he does is he opens it and throws the wrapper down there. Why does this happen? We have never been taught not to litter on the streets. We don’t realize that we play a big role in the society and not just the Govt. My solution to this is: 1. I never litter any place. 2. If I see someone doing it and if he doesn’t look like a big guy, I give a BIG smile and say, sir please don’t litter the place! 😉

3. People urinating in the city

It is very sad to see that urinating in public is legal but kissing in public is questionable! This is a hard one. There is no use in blaming people or the Govt. I’m really glad for Nirmala for installing so many public toilets in the city. But here we need a social movement to make a difference. If everyone of us object people who do it in a very polite way it just might work! The other day when I was running in lalbagh this guy was urinating right next to the public toilet!!! After he was done, I waked up to him and said – “Sir please use the toilet next time”. Don’t know if it helped, but I did my job.

 Again these are very small problems, might not even be considered as real life problems in India, but, the point is to act on every problem to make a difference.

 Germany rebuilt itself from ashes after the world war. If someone says it was the Govt alone, I’d disagree. I believe a country can do better only if people work towards the betterment. We as Indians should believe in our own people only then we can make a HUGE difference.