102 Miles on a mountain bike!

Dated: Feb 2nd 2011

This one is a back dated post, I wanted to write down my experience doing my long distance cycling in a single day!


Distance:102.46 mi (163 KM)

Total Time taken: 7 Hours, 21 Min

Avg Speed:13.9 mph

Calories burnt: 5,127 C

I started this journey early in the morning to avoid too much traffic and sunlight. Packed 5 Liters of water, some food for the journey and some energy bars.

Headed out towards the bangalore mysore road. Coincidentally when I hit the Bangalore mysore road I saw a few more fellow cyclist as well. All these guys were on a Road bike doing the Bangalore Brevet cycling event. Below photo is taken by them:

What I realized that day was how inefficient these mountain bike tires are when it comes to long distance cycling. My journey till Mandya was fairly easy as most parts of the road was a down hill. It was quite challenging when I was coming back. Took a lot of breaks and finally made it.

The weirdest feeling was after I reached home and having burnt around 5000 calories… my body felt the need to eat a lot. Not matter how much I ate it wouldn’t satisfy me. My stomach would feel full, but my body needed more! It is a very different feeling!

Overall, it felt great to have done this distance! I’m looking forward to do something like this this year as well!

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Self supported 4 days cycling tour – Coorg

Team: Shree Kumar, Deepak Malani & Me.

Dates: 25, 26, 27, 28th of February 2011

Total distance: 239KM

This has been one of my best adventure so far! On the road for 4 days… camping wherever you can!

Here is the path and the gradient information. Yes! we did a LOT of climbing with good downhills!

[gpx2graphics map 5]

[gpx2graphics elevation 5]

Day 1: Golden temple of Coorg and Backwaters of harangi dam

Before starting our journey we visited the golden temple of Coorg.

After this we reached Shree’s uncle’s place and started our biking journey. I was quite excited as it was the first time I was set out to do something like this. Now no turning back, 4 days on the road.

Our first day was completely on the back waters of Harangi dam. It was such breathtaking experience!

We cycled through some rough terrains. It was not about covering distance, but enjoying the view around us. No man-made things around us, just nature for as long as we went.

Here is a small video of the place:

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Bangalore Cyclothon 2009

Took part in the bangalore cyclothon 2009. This was one of the biggest sports event in India I have attended. Over 7000 people participated in this event.

My wife and I took part in this event. Click here to read her experience.


The event was held at the NICE road starting at the Bangalore International exhibition. Please read our Sole E95 Reviews.

It was fun to see Raghu Dixit perform at the show.

We had a lot of fun cheering…

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Our cycling route: click here. I took 59min for 26.5KM. Hope to beat this next time.

Click here to see all pictures of the event.

Cycling in Bangalore

I recently discovered a new route to cycle in Bangalore south. Thanks to Varun’s new toy – Garmin 305, I’m able to show you all how the route is.

What I love about this route is the bangalore-mysore road stretch. Lot of this road is incomplete which makes it a great route for mountain biking 😉 We took a small deviation at Uttarahalli towards subramanyapuram, this is a great route for cycling. There is no traffic, no pollution.

The best thing I like is the way google map shows exactly the way bangalore-mysore road is! It just ends at once!

Three cheers to Garmin GPS 😉

Road trip to Mackinac Island!

Place: Mackinac Island, Michigan

Date: 28th June 2008

Team: Monika, Varun, Roopesh, Shefali and Vikram.

Duration: One day.

Staying in Michigan for over two years I had never visited one of the best part of Michigan – The “Mackinac Island” – Place where no motor vehicles are allowed!

We did a one day trip to this place. Started from Troy and drove all the way for next 4 Hours. For more info please visit : hispersonalbest.com

2008 06 28 0020

Monika had made very nice poori and bhaji which we ate somewhere mid way in a picnic spot.

2008 06 28 0045

After food we reached the place. We have to buy a ferry ticket to get to the Island.

2008 06 28 0055

The boat ride to the Island is very beautiful. It was a perfect day, the sun was out.

2008 06 28 0069

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Cycling at Swabian Alps

The Team: Mahesh Nagaraja, Chidananda Nagaraj, Hemanth Nirvani, Shetty Ajay, Raj Poornima & Me.

The Adventure: We had to catch the 6:18AM train from the main station to Tuttlingen. I miss the train from Feuerbach (where I stay) to the main station. Try to cycle half way in the dark at 5:50AM, I have no idea which way to go. Finally cycled till another station and luckily get a train at 6:05AM. I reach the main station at 6:15AM… these guys were waiting for me. In the last min I buy the ticket… insert the money, Chidananda says you run… I’ll get the ticket. Unfortunately he picks up only the ticket for my bicycle and he forgets to collect the ticket for me. We still didnt realize this.

Searching for Mahesh and Shetty…

Poornima, Chidananda, Hemanth, and I get into the train. Mahesh and Shetty still outside the train finishing their last puff, try to get into the train now… but its too late… the doors of the train doesnt open.

Worst part Mahesh has the ticket for the 5 of them, and I have my ticket (still dont know that I dont have my ticket, I have only the cycle ticket).

We were hoping that no one checks till we get off the train in the next station.

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