2006 12 03 0014

Pindari Glacier – On the top

It has been a month since I’m back from the Himalayan Trek, and it already feels like for ever. Every time I look at these pictures, both Roopa and I take a deep breath thinking about the place and hoping to feel the same air.

After 6 days of strenuous trekking, we reached the top and it was worth every bit of it. Reaching the top did give me a very different high. Here are some of the pictures on the way to the place.

The early morning shot at 4:AM. What you see here is the picture of the moon.

Camping on day 3, it was out of the world experience:

Here is the gang that did the trek with, along with a baba we met on top:

Read more about the trek on Roopa’s blog. I think I’m already ready to get back to the mountains.

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