Pindari Glacier – Himalayan trek – Day 1


Total distance trekked: ~100KM

Number of trekking days: 7 + 2 days travel

Temperature difference: 45 Deg C (in Delhi) to 0 Deg C near Pindari Glacier

Max Altitude: 3350mts (10990 Ft)

Spotted Wildlife: Bear, Sparrows, Cuckoo bird, Mountain deer, Chameleons etc.

We (group of 7) head out on a new adventure to the Himalayas (Pindari Glacier) Trek. Our journey began by flying from Bangalore to Delhi.

>> Posing at the Bangalore airport! Rakesh, Roopa & I. 

Pindari Trek Day1-14

>>Roopa clicked a nice shot of the Bangalore sparrow found mostly at the airport!
Pindari Trek Day1-5

Excited bunch after reaching Delhi, we took the best mode of transport – The Metro!

Pindari Trek Day1-39

Found the metro to be very clean and tidy.

Pindari Trek Day1-48

45 Deg C of Delhi was not easy to handle. We finally reached one of the busiest railway station of Delhi

Pindari Trek Day1-66


>> People standing in endless Queue to buy tickets
Pindari Trek Day1-61

We reached a place called “Kathgodam” by evening where we relaxed.

All Pics of Day 1 journey – Click here!

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