5 Different time zones!

In the last 15 days I have been to 5 different time zones.

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My Journey started with going to Austin. I had a small presentation to do with one of the hitech companies there. It was my first time to Austin and I was amazed by the number of companies and the number of flyovers going all around. No wonder it is called the second silicon valley in the US.

By the time I could get used to the time difference of Bangalore and Austin, I hopped on to a plane to visit my sister and broter-inlaw in California. It was a red eye flight with a stop over at LA.

California always excites me for the bike lanes. So the first thing I do when I land there is to take out my bro-in-law’s bike and head out! Never ever have I seen dedicated bike lanes and also exits for bike lanes to goto work. California is truly a bike friendly city and a road bikers paradise.

The next two days we relaxed in the bay area roaming around in the car and playing a lot on Xbox kinect.

We visited the golden gate park and rented a few bikes there. It is a very nice park and I must say is a great place for runners. Not the best place for bikers, but we enjoyed going around the place. Beach was right across with wind surfers all around.


SFO is of-course  incomplete without viewing the Golden Gate Bridge. We walked around on the bridge for sometime and it reminded me of the movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I wanted to go to the Muir wood forests after seeing the movie. Even though I have visited both these places before, visiting again after watching the movie gives you a different thrill! 🙂

The weekend was too short and I head back to Austin. I had already planned to head out to New york for the coming weekend. At the same time I didn’t want to miss seeing Austin downtown.

To my surprise we (My cousin Dheeraj and I) decided to go to the downtown on a Wednesday evening and found it “ROCKING”.

Austin is not just about visiting the Capitol building, It is truly the Live Music Capital of US. I was so shell shocked to see the quality of music by every single band in every single bar we went to! For crying out loud, it was a Wednesday evening and never every have I seen so much energy in a downtown.

Live music varied from heavy metal, rock to the good old texas country music. Each one of them were masters of their space! Being a music lover, I enjoyed every bit of it! But here you need a suitable knife to survive.

From the music city Austin, I head out to the city of lights! Times Square, New York!

NY is a place that just never sleeps. It is so lively all the time. I enjoyed being in New York, but best of all spending time with my Brother and Sis-in-Law. 🙂

Best part of NY that I like is the Central Park. It is amazing to see the number of people running and biking without worrying about the weather. We also joined the band of runners at 32 degree F. 😀 Call it crazy, but we loved it.

NY has wide range of things to do, right from Toys R US to the rich buildings of Donald Trump!

From NY I head straight to Dubai via Amsterdam to meet my Lovely wife!

I had heard so much about Dubai being the mecca for shopping, so the first thing we did was to get into different Malls of Dubai.

Dubai has all the major brands that you see in the west. If you love shopping, then you will love the number of shops in a single place! All shops are really crowded during the week as well. I’m puzzled till date if these are localities or tourists making best use of their time on a weekday! They also have a ski resort inside a mall!

From the fancy city Dubai, we decided to go on a road trip to Al Ain. Al Ain has a lot of things to do right from Palace, Museums to Zoo. Our favorite place was the camel market which is not too touristy. This is a place where people buy and sell camels. It was nice to see so many camels in once place.

These guys were very friendly. They talked about different types of camels, their life span, what they ate etc. Most of these guys speak Hindi, which made it very easy to communicate.

The way these camels were transported was a sight. Cranes to lift them. Some of these camels are used for races and some for meat! 😀

I’m heading back in the next few days from here. Plan to see more places in Dubai!

Nevertheless, I had to install an app on my phone to keep track of different time zones! 😀

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  1. Good to see you back into the blogging world! 😀

    Loved the review of the whole trip and the pics! The one with you and varad is so funny! haha

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