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I recently attended the TiE Entrepreneurial Summit 2009 held in Mumbai. It was one of the best organized conference. Hats off to TiE.

For the first time I heard all the big industrialist of India speak on stage. This was a three day event and every day was better than the previous.

First day the main highlight was the talk of Ratan Tata and Narayan Murthy. I was hoping this talk would be more about their experience and how they had built such an empire, but for some reason it was not moderated that well.

The talk was more of a political twist than an Entrepreneurial journey. Nevertheless they both answered the questions asked very well.

After this I heard Capt. Gopinath speak.

He really seems like the guy who has started from scratch. It was amazing to hear his talk about how he built such a big industry and sold it. He had a vision, a vision that everyone can travel and afford to travel by flight. How he raised money when no one was giving him any money. How he started off with just one aircraft by taking a loan. A very inspiring talk.

Now Entrepreneurship has become his lifestyle. He seems to have started a new logistics company.

On the second day my favorite talk was from Geeth Sethi and Leander Paes. When I saw these guys, I was wondering what are these sports celebrities doing in an Entrepreneurial Seminar. I was so moved when I heard what they had started.

It was a proud movement for me to hear about their venture – “Olympic Gold Quest“. They are really trying hard to get as many gold as they can in The Olympics for India. At the end of their talk I felt like doing a lot of sports. 🙂 The whole audience was moved by their talks. Everyone stood up and many of them made some contributions to their organization.

That evening I got to hear R.D. Burman’s original band members playing on the stage.

This was one of the best Indian band performance I have seen. They played all old hindi songs. People went crazy for all the songs.

Finally on the last day I heard the king of Retail industry speak. It was none other than Kishore Biyani himself.

He is such a down to earth person and such a passionate Indian. He makes business sound so simple.

Overall the event is a HUGE moral boost. Seeing so many entrepreneurs doing so many different things makes me want to do more projects. Lot of people saw the look and feel of our product TrackEveryCoin and they loved the concept. I would be blogging about the new product in the next few days in our company blog.

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