Rainwater Harvesting over a weekend

I have been wanting to implement rainwater harvesting at my home for a long time. Finally I did it today. It took me less than an hour to complete it.

There are different types of rainwater harvesting. The one that I have done is putting the rain water back to the under ground water. Because of so many roads and houses, the rain water doesn’t go back to the ground anymore. It is mostly evaporated. 

To start with I first got some pipes, joints and some glue:


We were very lucky to have a well in our house. It was all about filtering the water a little bit and leave the water to the well.


Install the filter in the pipe. This will block all the leaves and other suspended particles from entering the well.

Cut the pipe as required…


Now put them together. Overall it was very easy for our house. Sometimes you might have to do a lot more.


I can now collect all the dirt here:


I love the fact that now all the rain water, water wasted while watering the plants, overflowing water from the roof tank will all go back to the ground water table.


I love the whole feeling. Folks… I request each one of you to do this / investigate in your own house. Feel free to write to me if you need any help. It is a simple weekend project and doesnt cost much. But it sure makes a BIG difference to the world! 

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9 thoughts on “Rainwater Harvesting over a weekend”

  1. Wow! Nice work … I hope the awareness of rainwater harvesting increases in Bangalore. Btw, the productivity has truly multiplied now 😛

  2. TOI has made you famous and you deserve it. Will try and do it at home and tell more people about it too!

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