What is in the name?



During your start-up company time you must have struggled with that perfect company name. What name should we select for our company? Do we have a choice in the name or is it about getting the domain name first? Should we get a name that makes meaning or that sounds cool?

The truth is that none of the above matter. What matters most is to make a product / service very useful to your customer. If you build a product which everyone likes, your name is automatically liked. By doing cool things your make your name cool. Eg: how did some random name “Google” is now looked upon as a cool company. Or let us say Yahoo, why do we smile with that name. 🙂 The point is don’t waste too much time to get the perfect name, it doesn’t matter. Spend all your time and energy to build the right product!

Brand building

I have never understood this. People offer brand building as a package these days and just design your logo, business cards, letter heads and charge you a bomb! This is not brand building. In fact just like the name, the logo of a company doesn’t matter. If you make the coolest looking logo you don’t become better. Let us look an example, do you think apple’s logo is cool? It is a half eaten apple for God sake! So what made this half eaten apple as one of the coolest logo? 

Brand building is all about making the best product and selling it. Make sure the quality of the product is at its best. The look and feel of the product, packaging and reliability should be top class. For me this is brand building! 

Didn’t you wish someone offered this kind of brand building service! 😉

2 thoughts on “What is in the name?”

  1. Well said! Nobody could have said it better. Guess the only thing about a name is that you don’t want it “too localized” cause that can limit expansion. For example a company called ABC India will have a difficult time expanding to Europe. But for that any name is good like you said if the product meets consumer needs. I guess that is where driving both branding and advertising focusing on consumer needs rather than product or service features is so critical.

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