2009 02 21 0008

Trek to Tadiyandamol

Tadiyandamol is the second highest mountain in Karnataka. It is situated near to Kakkabe town in 
Kodagu district, and about 260KM from bangalore.

We reached Virajpet quite early in the morning that we decided to walk all the way. So our journey started with around 10KM to the base of Tadiyandamol.

2009 02 21 0008


Sight of the hill from a distance was very good.

2009 02 21 0033


On our way we met a coorgi family. We learned so much in a matter of 10 min. I had no idea that the language Coorgi is a mixture of Kannada, Tamil and Malayalam. I saw the whole process of making extracting pepper.

2009 02 21 0021


These guys were very friendly. They invited us home and gave us some nice cup of tea.


My fiancée with the nice lady at the house:

2009 02 21 0024


Our timings was not too great for a trek. It was little dry. Nevertheless it was nice to see some hills around.

2009 02 21 0094


We enjoyed the place:

2009 02 21 0091

2009 02 21 0088


Later in the evening the whole hill range was covered in clouds.

2009 02 21 0127


Click here for all the pictures: Set1, Set2

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