20090102 1981

Vacation in Goa

This New year’s eve 2009, we decided to goto goa. We stayed there for 5 days and it felt too less. Goa is very unique in its own way. It is definately my top palce for vacation. It is one place where you go and do “nothing”, but just relax. Turn your mind off, lie on the beach and relax!

20090102 1981

It was nice to see how people would get lost seeing the sea:

2008 01 01 0053



I loved playing and watching people play on the beach. Right from Frisbee, foot ball to water sports.

20090102 1992


Got good shots of people in action:

20090102 1979


Everyone enjoying the beach:

20090103 2071


The Goan people are very nice and friendly people. We had a good experience talking to a few people and their life. If you are lost in goa, dont worry, just ask for directions and people go out of their way to help you. 

20090103 2046



It must be wonderful to work in a place like goa. If you are tired of your everyday life and need to refresh you must go to goa to relax and chill out!

2008 01 01 0039


Click here to see all the snaps of the set.

One thought on “Vacation in Goa”

  1. Very nice! Looks like you had quite a ball!

    Next time you go to Goa check out the city of Vasco Da Gama. It’s got a wonderful market and very old colonial architecture.

    I don’t think it would be fun to live in Goa though! It’s just too crowded with people walking with cameras all the time (aka tourists!) 🙂

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