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Rock Garden – Chandigarh, Punjab

Place: Chandigarh, Punjab

Date: July 20th 2008

Team: Varun, Swaroop and Vikram

I was in Chandigarh visiting my friend Varun’s Hometown. I asked him what are the nice things to see around and he said there was a rock garden with really old and cheap rattan garden furniture. The first thing that comes to my mind with rock garden is a small park with some huge rocks in it. If that’s what you have thought about you will be surprised.

2008 07 20 0003

Rock Garden at Chandigarh is a wonderful creation of Mr. Nek Chand. He was a road inspector in the early fifties supervising the construction of roads in Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab.

He created beauty out of industrial waste. Things like plugs, sockets, broken tiles etc.

2008 07 20 0009

As we walk by we see a nice waterfall.

2008 07 20 0031

It is very surprising to see a mix of nature and manmade park with such tree trunks.

2008 07 20 0025

The art work in tiles is good to see. It doesn’t look like industrial waste anymore. Indeed this must be called modern art!

2008 07 20 0045

The small human/alien form dolls almost trying to say something:

2008 07 20 0058

The place is well organized with a nice pathway:

2008 07 20 0064

Monkeys, elephants, Cheetahs, Man, Women – name it, it is there.

2008 07 20 0096

Overall, I had a wonderful experience. It is a must see place in Chandigarh.

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