2008 06 28 0020

Road trip to Mackinac Island!

Place: Mackinac Island, Michigan

Date: 28th June 2008

Team: Monika, Varun, Roopesh, Shefali and Vikram.

Duration: One day.

Staying in Michigan for over two years I had never visited one of the best part of Michigan – The “Mackinac Island” – Place where no motor vehicles are allowed!

We did a one day trip to this place. Started from Troy and drove all the way for next 4 Hours. For more info please visit : hispersonalbest.com

2008 06 28 0020

Monika had made very nice poori and bhaji which we ate somewhere mid way in a picnic spot.

2008 06 28 0045

After food we reached the place. We have to buy a ferry ticket to get to the Island.

2008 06 28 0055

The boat ride to the Island is very beautiful. It was a perfect day, the sun was out.

2008 06 28 0069

View of the light house and the nice lake, blue all around.

2008 06 28 0072

By now I was eagar to see the place. I was trying to imagine how the place could be. I was wondering if the place would have roads or would it be a place with just jungle trails!! 😀

2008 06 28 0089

To my surprise it was like any other city of US. Fully developed but no cars/motor vehicles allowed. We had to use the old fashon horse carriage and my favorite – Bicycles!!! 🙂 We rented bikes there. You can find all kinds of bikes. I had never tried a tandem bike in my life so I asked Monika if she would do tandem biking with me.

2008 06 28 0101

We biked around the Island which is 8 miles loop, next to the water. The water had different colours for some reason. I was surprised to see so many colours.

2008 06 28 0118

Parts of the water was so clear.

2008 06 28 0128

There are many clifs on the Island. One of the famous one is the Arch Rock of Mackinac Island. Its nice to see this HUGE arch with colourful water on the otherside.

2008 06 28 0160

Finally We came to end of the 8 miles. It is a beautiful place to spend the whole day. I’m really glad we went to this place before I left Michigan and came back to Bangalore 🙂

2008 06 28 0167

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  1. …and it was the best day for travel that I have ever experienced! I think it was about 68 F and there was a pleasant breeze.

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