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Kelheim – Germany

Place: Kelheim, Germany

Date: 2nd February 2008

Team: I had been to this place with my Manager Henry Kuenzel and his wife.

It has been more 6 months since I travelled to Germany. I was seeing all my pictures and thought I must write about Kelheim.

Kelheim is about 1-2 hours drive from Regensburg. This place has a few very interesting monuments. I had collected some historical information from the place which I thought I should put it on my website for others to read.

2008 02 09 0049

The first place we went to is called:
Liberation Hall King Ludwig I

On top of Michelsberg, high above the town you can see Kelheim’s Landmark, Liberation Hall. King Ludwig I., of Bavaria had this monumental round building erected in commemoration of the wars of liberation from Napoleon (1813-15). It was realized by the famous Munich architect Leo von Klenze within 21 years’ time (1842-63).

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It has a 7-meter -high enterance door and the shields of goddesses of victory inside the monument are made of particular material: bronze of conquered French canons.

The inner walls are covered with coloured marble.

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View of the Danube river that flows in the city:

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The second place we had been to is something which most of them are thrilled to goto in Germany – The place where the oldest Beer is made.

Monastery of Weltenburg

The present-day Benedictine abbey was originally found by Columban monks around 600 AD.

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After centuries of pillage and floors a new heyday began when Maurus Baechl became abbot of Wetenburg: he had the present monastic buildings and the Baroque abbey church built.

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This monastery is also famous for Bavarian dark beer (oldest in the world).

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The walk around the place is very beautiful.

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It was a very nice saturday and very nice of Mr. Henry to take out and show me around.

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Overall if someone goes to Regensburg, I’d recommend them to visit Kelheim for sure.

Watch all photos here.

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