Last day at Continental

Today was my last day at Continental. This has been a very short stay in a company for me, but I had to make a move now. I had realized that there was no point in working on something that you are not passionate about. If earning a pay check at the end of a month is not my motive in life I shouldn’t be doing that for the heck of it. I shouldn’t be going to work every day dreaming of the day I would make the move to start our own company.

I’m headed back to Bangalore, India to work for my dream company 😉 The company we always wanted to start. Some of my reason to start our own venture:

  • To get a feel for working for yourself.
  • To get a feel for hard work.
  • To get a feel for creating jobs for others.
  • To truly love the company you work for.
  • To get a feel for being responsible for what you create.

As of today I have no idea how things will fall into place, but I’m really excited about the fact that we will work towards making things fall into place.

5 thoughts on “Last day at Continental”

  1. All the points which are listed are very realistic,I wish my heartly congratulations to Vik and to your gang for following your dreams.
    Very less people realise things in time and I am happy that, you are already started what you want. Best of luck Vik, Swaroop in your future endeavors.

  2. Cool man…
    All the best. Finally it is out.
    Great. Meet you in Blore. I shall be there on 30 Aug.

  3. Hi Vikram,

    Got the link to your blog from a search.

    Met you for a few days in Burlington. I am now at Boston – work for the company I was initially placed in. Work is good, things are fine.

    Great to hear that you are going to follow your dream and give all you time to your own start-up.

    Best of luck!

    If I can add to your list:
    Be successful and inspire others to take the narrow road.


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