2008 03 09 0191

Editing Colours with Photoshop

I have always been a big fan of Adobe Photoshop. More I use the tool more I learn. In digital photography post processing an image is very important. I never used to like post processing because I used to think that post processing is cheating in photography :D. But as time goes by, I see the importance of post processing an image.

Here is an image I clicked during “Sur Taal” event. Cry is known for its yellow, and I found the yellow too dull. So I decided to do some magic using photoshop.

2008 03 09 0191

The main steps I used for this was carefully use the “Magic Wand” tool to select the yellow. This is the most painful process. Sometimes the Magic Wand doesn’t do a good job, at those times we have to use the “Regular Marquee tool” to add/remove the selection.

After we have chosen the yellow, I used the “Curves and edited the curves as required.


2008 03 09 0191 A

I’m sure a lot of people will not like the idea of post processing the colors. But my say to it is, with digital cameras making the cost per click almost free, we don’t spend too much time with adjusting the lights. Moreover when we know that we can fix the digital photo later it makes it even better to focus more the the subject than spend a lot of time on lights.

Anyways we know that there is always photoshop to save our day!

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