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Regensburg City and my thoughts

After Staying in Regensburg for 2 weeks, I have learned a lot of things about the city and common people around.


Its a beautiful city, has a lot of touch from Paris, mostly because a lot of roads around city have the rough stone look.

2008 02 09 0007


The building and surroundings look very colorful.

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Best part is the river flowing through the city:

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I like the fact that a lot of people workout or try to be outdoors all the time:

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Today I had been to a typical German restaurant called “Muenchen”. I have always found a way to find something vegetarian in the menu :). I was sitting on a table alone. After some time, two more guys asked me if they could join me. They were not very well off, they made their living singing on the streets. They were a little drunk and were here to have some more beer. What I liked about these guys is what they were talking to me about. We had a general conversation about US, India etc… but before he left, he said:

Most important thing in life is to be happy. Money and other things don’t matter.

I was so surprised to hear this… and was actually pleased to hear this from him 🙂 I was happy for him that he is happy for what he does for a living. All he does is sings and plays the guitar on the street or so, makes enough money to survive.

Before he left, he gave me a lot of advice and asked me to enjoy this time of my life. 🙂

Anyways, the point is, my experience with a lot of people around here has been very nice. People are very friendly, will go all the way to help you if you are a stranger. I have slowly started to like Regensburg. 🙂 It will be one of my favorite place for sure!

Click here for the complete photo set of Regensburg.

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