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Electronics hobby exhibition | Germany

Place: Stuttgart, Germany

Date: 29th October 2006

I had never seen such a huge exhibition for hobby projects. Its mind blowing to see the power of engineering in Germany. The Mechanical designs, small engines, precision plastic molds for the toys, accuracy in designs. We are talking about toys and hobby projects!!! People have spent their whole life working on one project! When they do it… they do it their best! This ones are pretty similar with the ones ive seen on the Miami Water Damage company back in the days in US.


You guys must have seen the huge construction machines, here we are talking about small versions of them and they exactly do the same thing!

2006 10 29 0008


This bike looks huge and like a real bike, but it is a small bike kept on a table with real engine may be a size of 10CC. It had real disc breaks!

2006 10 29 0017


Guy flying an Helicopter… its a small one made out of plastic but gives you control to fly in all directions.

2006 10 29 0022

Toy car…

This toy car has a real engine which runs on some alcohol based fuel and can go almost up to 40Kmph.

2006 10 29 0056


Train station…

Its a complete train station with city around it. I could also spot small toy people made around it. The trains are very accurate and move around on the tracks, change tracks. Spoke to this guy with my broken german and found out that he has taken 10years to build it!!!

2006 10 29 0123


Click here to see the complete exhibition photos!

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  1. i want to know in which page could i find item for i could make a car at my home things that i could buy to assemble them thanks

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