Cycling at Swabian Alps

The Team: Mahesh Nagaraja, Chidananda Nagaraj, Hemanth Nirvani, Shetty Ajay, Raj Poornima & Me.

The Adventure: We had to catch the 6:18AM train from the main station to Tuttlingen. I miss the train from Feuerbach (where I stay) to the main station. Try to cycle half way in the dark at 5:50AM, I have no idea which way to go. Finally cycled till another station and luckily get a train at 6:05AM. I reach the main station at 6:15AM… these guys were waiting for me. In the last min I buy the ticket… insert the money, Chidananda says you run… I’ll get the ticket. Unfortunately he picks up only the ticket for my bicycle and he forgets to collect the ticket for me. We still didnt realize this.

Searching for Mahesh and Shetty…

Poornima, Chidananda, Hemanth, and I get into the train. Mahesh and Shetty still outside the train finishing their last puff, try to get into the train now… but its too late… the doors of the train doesnt open.

Worst part Mahesh has the ticket for the 5 of them, and I have my ticket (still dont know that I dont have my ticket, I have only the cycle ticket).

We were hoping that no one checks till we get off the train in the next station.


First time lucky.. no one checks… we get out at the next station.

Spend time cycling around the place.

Clicking lots of snaps 😉

Finally these guys arrive… and head on towards Tuttlingen.

Ticket Fine…

Half way through the ticket inspector comes to check our tickets. These guys show their ticket… when its my turn I still dont realize that I dont have the complete ticket… give the TC the ticket for the cycle… he asks for the other ticket too… that’s when mahesh asks me where the other ticket was. I knew it was time to panic. I could hardly explain to the TC as he knew only German… mahesh could somehow manage to convince the TC that we guys were first timers and forgot to collect the ticket.

Unfortunately we had to buy the ticket again with a fine of 40Euros, which might be excused. I have to write a letter and explain the whole story to them and then they might let me go!

Anyways we make we take the whole thing as an experience… make a good video out of it and laugh a lot about it.

We reach Tuttlingen and the weather was a little cold, but was very nice. It was colourful everywhere.

Overall we had a great time!!!

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Swabian Alps

2 thoughts on “Cycling at Swabian Alps”

  1. Wow! You have a wonderful camera man….lovely pictures.
    Seeing those snaps was really awesome…felt like I was transported to another world. The pictures reflect the goodness of this world…no pains, no ugliness, just the beauty of nature and innocence of some people.
    Tagore’s lines come to memory…”Only when two forces join, can there be a beauty, can there be a song” And the pictures show clearly that the trip was a wonderful song…to be enjoyed by those who composed it and those who hear it.
    Thankyou Chida for the links….

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