Evening at Jayanagar

Jayanagar… something I always wanted to capture. The best part of jayanagar I like is that it caters to all classes of people. The rich, the middle class, and the poor. I’ve seen all kinds of fancy restaurants to simple restaurants. From Branded shops to foot path vendors. I’ve always loved this kind of place and I hope jayanagar remains this way.

Eating places…

Having studied in vijaya jr. for 2 years cool joint was my fav place. I still love the sandwiches they make. As I write this blog my mouth is already watering….

Cool joint:

Cool Joint

Upahara Darshini:

Upahara Darshini

Nagarjuna Chimney:


Ganesh Darshan:

Best Masala Dosas in Jayanagar. Explains why it is crowded forever!

Ganesh Darshan

Iyengar’s Bakery:

One of the oldest and the best Bekery in Jayanagar.

Iyengar's Bakery

dating app Chat Shop…

These chat shops are the best. I have no idea how they make the chats so good!!! I love the speed in which he makes the chats. Somehow I’ve noticed you always get the best chats in a very small place! 🙂

Road side chats at Jayanagar

Chat time.

Pav Bhaji in the making…

Yumm... food.

Cafe Coffee Day:

Cafe Coffee Day Jayanagar

Shopping in Jayanagar…

The Wearhouse

The Wearhouse



The Road side shopping…

I loved clicking these snaps. All of them were very happy when I clicked their snap. Some of them asked me if the snaps was for a news paper…. hehee… for once I felt like a real photographer! 😉


Jayanagar complex Jayanagar complex Shopping at Jayanagar Jayanagar Complex

Life of Jayanagar…

Jayanagar complex


Parking in Jayanagar Jayanagar at night

Night view…

Jayanagar at night Roads @ Jayanagar


On the crossing

Roller Skating event at Madhavan Grounds

Its nice to see a huge grounds available for the public in the heart of jayanagar. In my college days I used to come here to play different sports. Now they have renovated the roller skating and it looked real good. I dream to learn skating some day in life! 🙂

Roller Skating at Madhavan Park, Jayanagar


It was nice to capture some fireworks that night.

Fireworks at Madhavan Park, Jayanagar

Grounds at night:

Fireworks at Madhavan Park, Jayanagar

Cultural Events…

Indian Cultural Event at Madhavan park Cultural Dance

This is jayanagar at a small glance. When you talk about bangalore, I think Jayanagar should be among the top of the list.

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