Trek: Mullayanagiri to Bababudangiri (Chikmaglur)

July 1st and 2nd 2006:

Trekking in monsoon is a complete difference experience. We started on friday night from Bangalore to Chikmagalur. Started our trek at 8:30AM, we were on top of Mullayanagiri by 12:00PM finished lunch and headed towards Bababudangiri. Had great experience of traveling on top of a bus ;).

Sunday morning was one of the best trekking experience. At bababudangiri we decide to go to the water falls… with wind speed of approx 80-100kms/hr, visibility of 3mts… it was a mind blowing experience.

Group: The Trekware: Me, Amit, Belmeera, Swaroop, Manohar, Vandy, Akshata, Ajay & Manjunath.


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4 thoughts on “Trek: Mullayanagiri to Bababudangiri (Chikmaglur)”

  1. Hey Vikram

    i have gone ur site it’s nice to see the photographs very intresting trek i suppose,we are a group of 7,
    i would need some information we are planning to trek this weekend, could you please lemme know is there a walk way(jungle walk) or do we have to go by vehicle to the top of mountain,
    another thing is can we camp over there is it safe to pitch a tent at the peak please do give your valuable suggestion.
    any extra tips please do suggest


  2. @Nagesh: Normally what people do is from the bus stand you can take a jeep to the place where the trek would begin. Its not too far away. If you ask people around they will let u know about it.

    Secondly, Yes you can camp at the top. The only problem you might face is the wind. The tents might not withstand depending on the season.

    The other alternative would be the sheds that are present on the top. We stayed in the sheds with our sleeping bags and mats. Ofcourse you will not need the shelter if the weather is dry.


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