9 thoughts on “Trek to Kumara Parvatha”

  1. Hey dude I was palnning to go to kumara parvatha. But after seeing your photo gallery I will never miss a chance to go there.

    thank you for the visuals.

  2. Hi!!1… thanks for giving information…
    we friends of V.C.E.T Puttur have decided to go to kumaraparvatha on 15 th feb 2008 evening…
    coming back on 16th evening.
    thanks once again.
    8th sem c.s.
    V.C.E.T Puttur.

  3. Hi Vikram,

    Thanks for sharing photos its so nice photos you had clicked.

    I want Bhattara House @ Girigaddhe Contact No Next wednesday we are palnning to climb kumaraparvatha from Bisle ghat and stay @ Bhattara Mane so we need to inform them for Night lunch and morning Breakfast if you know the contact no of them help me out

    With regards


  4. Hi Guyz-

    last night I had a dream that we had decided to hike KP. Friend who suppose to come with me took wrong route. I was wondering how can I screwed that up even though we had been there before. I woke up in the night. I was little sweating .

    We treked KP in 1992. It was great hike we ever had.It is tougher than angels Ladning in zion,Utah. Back in old days we did’nt have digital camera.So our photos were limited.I thougt of browsing for KP photos.Glad this site came up and enjoyed in browing the photos. I don’t think I can make it in this age (lazy bastrd). That’s why I was sweating I guess.

    Anyway thanks for the photos.

  5. Hi,

    We are planning to trek to kumaraparvatha. Can you please let us know Bhattara mane number. Is there any precautions that we need to take for this trek.

    Thanks in advance.

  6. i’m one among many people who have gone trekking after getting ‘inspired’ by the travelouges like the one above.. but since we went after the onset of the monsoons which made our trek very worse… i suggest all the readers not to trek KP in the monsoons because the pouring rains along with the thousands of leeches which one will encounter along the way will make it worse.. even though we hired a guide from a reputed group, we almost battlled our lives.. and it was a great feat for us to come back alive.. i’ll write about my experiences in my very own blog… but pls keep this in mind before trekking KP.. NEVER TREK KP DURING THE MONSOONS

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