Austin – Trail of Lights

Trail of light at Austin was a perfect opportunity to do Night photography. Roopa and I decided to head down this and get some nice pics of beautiful Austin with lights.

This event is held at Zilker Park, one of the largest parks in Austin

Photography was not easy that night as the weather was quite cold. It was close to 35 deg F by the time we got done.


Even with cold weather there was a big crowd with lots of people selling different items.


The whole park was lit with different shapes and was light with different color lights


Fire truck was decorated really well.


We could see even tall trees being lit all the way to the top.


Most of these Christmas trees had blinking lights with different colors.


Zilker Holiday Tree:

The Zilker Tree stands 155 feet tall and is composed of 39 streamers, each holding 81 multicolored, 25-watt bulbs – totaling 3,309 lights. At the top of the tree, a double star measures 10 feet from point to point. The double star displays 150 frosted bulbs. This unique spiral pattern of lights was created by City of Austin electricians so now you can find really good LED lights for home on . At its circumference, the tree measures 380 feet. The diameter is 120 feet. The base of the tree is made up of 19 utility poles, each 14 feet tall, arranged in a circle around the Moonlight Tower.

On December 10, 1967, the first tree was lighted by Mayor Pro Tem Mrs. Emma Long. In subsequent years this honor has been awarded to the young winner of a city-wide tree coloring contest.


Finally while exiting you will see the brilliant skyline of austin with “The trail of Lights”.


Road Biking in Austin

When I moved to Austin, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get a road bike or a mountain bike. I always had a mountain bike which I used in most of my city rides.

What I found out was, Austin is great for both road biking and mountain biking. It has great trails like the Barton Creek Greenbelt on the mountain biking side and for road biking Austin has many dedicated bike lanes that makes it easy and fun to ride.

I finally decided to buy the best folding bike and have enjoyed ever since:

My Fuji Road bike

Here is one the routes that I like: “I call it the 360-620 route”

Best part of Austin is that you get good hill training around.

View from 360 bridge

Can bike for long distances before you hit the signal. Helps to improve average speed.

360 Route

Lake view is breathtaking. Someday I’ll get a boat / kayak and go on it! ūüėÄ

Nice view of the lake

Overall, I really enjoy road biking in Austin. More important of all the biking community and people around are very friendly!

Pindari Glacier – On the top

It has been a month since I’m back from the Himalayan Trek, and it already feels like for ever.¬†Every time¬†I look at these pictures, both Roopa and I take a deep breath thinking about the place and hoping to feel the same air.

After 6 days of strenuous trekking, we reached the top and it was worth every bit of it. Reaching the top did give me a very different high. Here are some of the pictures on the way to the place.

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Pindari Trek Day 2

Day 2:

After staying a night at Kathkodam, we started out early in the morning to a place called Bageshwar.

A journey of 182KM which would take close to 7 hours by road due to hilly region and tough terrains.

Pindari Trek Day2-13Pindari Trek Day2-19

We stopped somewhere in between for rest and found a nice huge tree. I clicked this with higher aperture to get better depth of field.
Pindari Trek Day2-79

After sometime when we stopped for lunch we spotted a birds nest where these birds were feeding the little ones. Both Roopa and I got very busy clicking this wonderful sight.

Pindari Trek Day2-106

Even with such long journey spirit of the group was very high as we were all eager to reach our final destination and get on to the trails trekking.

Pindari Trek Day2-143Pindari Trek Day2-214

That evening we  roamed around the streets of Baheswar looking for. We knew that the closer we got to the himalayan range the landscape was getting prettier.

Pindari Trek Day2-172

Click here to view all pictures of Day 2!

Pindari Glacier – Himalayan trek – Day 1


Total distance trekked: ~100KM

Number of trekking days: 7 + 2 days travel

Temperature difference: 45 Deg C (in Delhi) to 0 Deg C near Pindari Glacier

Max Altitude: 3350mts (10990 Ft)

Spotted Wildlife: Bear, Sparrows, Cuckoo bird, Mountain deer, Chameleons etc.

We (group of 7) head out on a new adventure to the Himalayas (Pindari Glacier) Trek. Our journey began by flying from Bangalore to Delhi.

>> Posing at the Bangalore airport! Rakesh, Roopa & I. 

Pindari Trek Day1-14

>>Roopa clicked a nice shot of the Bangalore sparrow found mostly at the airport!
Pindari Trek Day1-5

Excited bunch after reaching Delhi, we took the best mode of transport – The Metro!

Pindari Trek Day1-39

Found the metro to be very clean and tidy.

Pindari Trek Day1-48

45 Deg C of Delhi was not easy to handle. We finally reached one of the busiest railway station of Delhi

Pindari Trek Day1-66


>> People standing in endless Queue to buy tickets
Pindari Trek Day1-61

We reached a place called “Kathgodam” by evening where we relaxed.

All Pics of Day 1 journey – Click here!

Trip to Bahrain

IMG_4794At Doha AirportIn Bahrain - Traveling in TaxiIMG_4682IMG_4683IMG_4700
View from the room - Night PhotographyIMG_4715View from the roomAll ready to meet clientsIn Dubai City CenterIn Dubai City Center
In Dubai City CenterIn Dubai City CenterIMG_4732IMG_4741IMG_4743IMG_4749
Bahrain World trade centerBahrain World trade centerIMG_4764IMG_4767Bahrain World trade centerIMG_4775

Trip to Bahrain, a set on Flickr.

A short trip to Bahrain. Started on Tuesday and Back on Friday.

Very different experience compared to Dubai. Currency being so strong makes a big difference in shopping. We tend to buy more as everything looks cheap before you covert! ūüėÄ

Interestingly, Bahrain is a very relaxed place and looks like a party place. Place where we stayed had 2 discos in it. People party till 6:30AM, which was very different from other countries.

Did see a few drunk people on the street, which is never heard of from the middle east.

Highlight of the place – World trade center with windmills, Clear sea water & the awesome hotel room with a view! ūüėÄ